Before & After Cases

C-Thru Patient Before & Afters

We know that our orthodontic treatments are second-to-none, and if you try C-Thru Clear Aligners for your patients, you'll know that too.

Whether your patient's case requires only a clear aligner, or a combination of clear aligner and indirect bonded brackets, we have the flexible solution.

Our results speak for themselves. However, we realise you might not just take our word for it!

Here are just a few of our cases from our network of dentists and orthodontists who successfully administer thousands of cases each year.

We know that their patients are happy. And we know the clinicians are happy. To make your patients happy with a perfect smile from C-Thru, speak to our friendly team of experts on +44 (0)114 243 5400 to find out more, or complete our online prescription form.

Some of our C-Thru Cases:

C-Thru Clear Aligners - Case 1

C-Thru Clear Aligners - Case 2

C-Thru Clear Aligners - Case 3

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