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Save Costs & Improve Efficiency

Save Time & See More Patients


Choose & Lease Alliance: Intraoral Scanner Leasing

ArchformByte’s “Choose and Lease Alliance” initiative brings state-of-the-art intraoral scanners to dental and orthodontic practices across the UK and Europe.

Intraoral scanners have never been more affordable to both orthodontists and dentists, and they can increase profitability and save thousands per year. But finding out which one suits the needs of your patients and fits within your budget can be a frustrating process.

So, ArchformByte has independently reviewed all of the most popular intraoral scanner brands on the market, so we can now provide clinicians with a unique, independent, "needs - evaluation" service to help clinicians in selecting the best scanner for their practice; and also the best finance package, which have already negotiated for you with each supplier and a nationwide leasing company.

For further significant savings, ArchformByte offer preferential laboratory appliance prices for all Alliance members, on all appliances. Pennie Hudson-Ward, CEO says: “Taking the first step towards embracing digital dentistry is a daunting prospect for most clinicians who wish to avoid making a costly mistake by selecting an intraoral scanner unsuitable for their practice.”

Benefits to Clinicians: Digital Accuracy, Savings, Efficiency

Allows practices to have modern digital dentistry at an affordable price

Clinicians make a profit from their intraoral scanners from day one

Supported by advice from an independent consultant

Practices see a huge cost saving and make a lot more money by embracing digital dentistry

Practices still relying on dental impressions spend on average £24,000 per year on the process. By leasing a modern digital dentistry system the amount of money and time a clinician will save is staggering.

The Choose and Lease Alliance offers digital dentistry at an affordable price

It eliminates storage of models, posting time, logistical issues and hidden costs

There are huge cost savings to be made incorporating an intraoral scanner into the workflow as the practice runs more efficiently

Clinicians have more time to see patients so profitability is greatly increased

Transform Your Practice

Dental impressions cost around £20 per patient whereas intraoral scanners are leased for £45 per day - as most practices take over 2 impressions per day the savings are instant, and profits increase.

Digital dentistry can take just 40 seconds per scan compared to dental impressions which take at least ten minutes to complete.

Intraoral scanning is infinitely more comfortable for the patient.

Most intraoral scanners can be operated by dental assistants so the clinicians’ productivity can be significantly improved.

The time saved is astounding; time which was once tied up taking impressions and storing the models, is now freed up to see more patients than ever before.

As the NHS is digitising, clinicians who have intra oral scanners in their practice are leading the way and offering their patients a more comfortable experience.

Demonstration of scanner

Clinicians can lease the most advanced intraoral scanner to suit their practice methodology, workflow and budget

ArchformByte is an independent consultancy which has reviewed and analysed every intraoral scanner on the market

It works with leading nationwide medical equipment leasing company Shire Leasing

The initiative provides practices with a comprehensive bundle of equipment, software support, training and services

It provides practices the means to modernise services, increase profitability and dramatically improve the patient experience

Free Professional Consultation and Evaluation

ArchformByte has analysed and compared the top brands of intraoral scanners and offers a no-cost visit from an independent digital technology specialist

The independent ArchformByte consultant is able to best support clinicians in choosing the right scanner to meet their needs

The free independent visit is a unique needs-assessment where clinicians benefit from our technology review and a professional evaluation

Book a Free Consultation Today!

If you would like to book a Free Consultation for our Choose and Lease Alliance service, please fill out a contact form on the right or give us a call on +44 (0)114 243 5400 and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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