We take pride in the quality of every product we make in our UK lab. But it doesn't stop with the quality of our products. Quality is ingrained into everything we do, from making sure our customers are well looked after with exceptional customer service and account management, to the care we take ensuring every appliance that leaves our lab is perfect.

Nothing makes us feel better than hearing that we've done a great job, from the people that count: YOU!

But don't just take our word for it. Hear what some of our clients have to say about our products and service.


"With ArchformByte producing a full range of appliances it makes my life so easy.

I only need one lab for all my patients' appliances and the quality and service is second to none.

Having them based in the UK means I can always contact them during my working hours and chat about any query or appliance design. The technicians are always really friendly and helpful.

Would recommend to anyone"

Rob, Orthodontist
East Anglia, UK

CThru Patient

"I have had CThru invisible braces and they worked a treat.

I'm so proud of my new smile. It has given me a lot more confidence and I smile all the time now!"

Liverpool, UK

Specialist Orthodontist

"I have being using ArchformByte for the last two years within the community service. There are multiple clinics in rural locations. The lab work provided is always of a high standard, it always fits!

There has never been an issue with the postal service provided which was one of my initial concerns about using the service and I can track work via e mails sent on receipt of impressions.

The technicians are always available by phone for advice. I would highly recommend them, a good orthodontic lab with good customer service."

Helen Stephenson - Specialist Orthodontist
Northumberland, UK

CThru Patient

"I couldn't believe how easy CThru actually was. I wanted a new smile for my wedding so went to my dentist to see what he could do. I was so happy when he told me about clear aligners. The option not to need proper braces was just amazing!

It meant I hardly spent any time at the dentist, the process was pain free, and I didn't even really notice I was wearing it. The best thing is that nobody else did either!

Now I'm really happy with my smile - I can't stop grinning to show it off!

Thank you CThru!!!"

Kent, UK

CThru Dentist

"I use CThru for my patients and the results are great. The team at ArchformByte are very helpful, friendly, and easy to work with.

Most importantly my patients are very happy with the outcomes and their new smiles.

Great practice builder, I would definitely recommend offering CThru to your patients."

Dr. M.C.
Poole, UK

Dental Nurse

Would just like to thank you on doing such a great job for my clinician, Dr. G.

He has asked me to get in touch to say how happy he is with all of the Essex retainers you have made for him over the last few months, all have been perfectly fitting and very well made!

Melissa - Trainee Dental Nurse
Loughborough, UK


"Our practice switched to CThru a couple of years ago from another popular aligner, due to the minimum yearly case requirements and high laboratory costs of the other provider.

We have since been very happy with their service and the quality of the CThru aligners.

My patients love them and the results are great."

Anish, Dentist
London, UK

CThru Patient

"It sounds cheesy but CThru was dead easy!

I love my new smile and it was pain free and only took 6 months to go from wonky teeth to a proper cheesy grin.

I needed the "Combi", which is a clear aligner on my top teeth and little clear brackets on my bottom teeth. Both were pretty much invisible though so nobody really noticed I had them.

I'd recommend CThru to anyone. A couple of my friends have actually been to their orthodontist about getting them, since they saw what it did to my smile."

Manchester, UK


We try our hardest every day to provide quality products and service levels, but it can be difficult to blow one's own trumpet all the time!

If you've had great service from us, and you think others deserve to hear about us and could benefit from our services, then we'd love it if you could write a brief testimonial that we can use to tell people how great we are! 

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