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Make your life easier with ArchformByte’s online prescription form

The beady eyed among you may have noticed that we’ve launched our brand new website. We hope that you like the new layout and find it much easier to find what you want, to see what we can do to help and to order the appliances you need.

Online Prescription Form

We are excited about our brand new online prescription form, to make submitting your appliance design requirements a doddle! How often have you had to go through this process?

  • Download a prescription form from a laboratory website
  • Print the prescription form off
  • Fill out the form in pen and ink, squeezing all the required descriptive text into a tiny box
  • Scan the file back into your PC directory
  • Remember where you saved it and finally attach it to an email to send back
  • Demand a cup of tea and a sit down!

Now, if you have access to an intra-oral scanner, with our exclusive online prescription form you simply:

And this can all be done, and your prescription ordered without having to get up and while the patient is still in the chair!
Use our online orthodontic prescription form now »

And if you don’t have an intra-oral scanner yet, you can download our regular prescription form – which has plenty of space to fill out all the necessary details – and it will be with us instantly and awaiting the arrival of your patients impressions or models.

For more information on any of our C-Thru aligner products, conventional orthodontic appliances or scanning services, visit the relevant areas of our website, give us a call in our UK laboratory on +44(0)114 243 500, or email lab@archformbyte.com. We’re always happy to talk.

We look forward to working with you.

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