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STO on the Radio: Just why is adult orthodontics a growing market?

Why is adult orthodontics a growing market? Radio 5’s Sam Walker and BOS’ Guy Deeming discuss why more adults are looking for teeth straightening.

Avid listeners to Radio 5 Live may have been surprised to wake up on Sunday morning on 19th February to the sounds of BBC presenter Sam Walker interviewing a member of the British Orthodontic Society about the benefits of orthodontics.

Ms Walker introduced Guy Deeming of the BOS after revealing that there has been a steady increase in adults having orthodontic treatment and that most orthodontists were now seeing more adults than children.

Asked why adults have become obsessed with having their teeth straightened, Mr Deeming replied that he believes it’s down to a fairly recent notion whereby people now expect to keep their teeth for life. This means they’re therefore prepared to make that long-term investment in them. “Patients are more sophisticated about the decisions they make and are motivated by their own self-improvement”.

Ms Walker then asked the BOS member how teeth straightening helps the future of our teeth. Mr Deeming responded that, alongside this increased enthusiasm and motivation to look after their teeth, they also have better access to simple orthodontics. Orthodontics can now mean a discreet brace over a relatively short space of time, and not just to invasive dentistry, such as crowns and implants.

Straighter teeth linked to confidence and productivity at work

Of course orthodontics is also a cosmetic practice to some degree, and Mr Deeming agreed that feeling good about how you look makes you feel more confident and perform better in the workplace, in addition to feeling more comfortable in relationships and socialising.

Highlighting the point when the patients take off the appliance : “it’s a magical moment for the dentist and patient. They feel fantastic and you see them grow a little bit taller and smile a little bit broader. They’re transformed; it’s a wonderful thing to see”.

Ms Walker next interviewed 29-year-old Rachel from Bedford and asked about her “reveal” moment when the braces came off and you feel taller and more confident. “Was that how you felt?” asked Ms Walker. Rachel explained that she had lingual braces fitted behind her teeth, so they were invisible for the duration of the treatment. “I could see the changes in my teeth really quickly and I had a positive experience throughout”.

“I can do something about it”

“Why did you want to have it done?” asked Ms Walker. Rachel replied that she had a gap in the front of her teeth which had always bothered her and one day she realised that she could do something about it. The cost, continued Rachel, was than she thought, coming in at under £5,000. During the treatment period, no-one had realised she had a brace in and, even if they had, she wouldn’t have minded anyway.

Back to Guy Deeming, who was asked by a listener if straight teeth were easier to clean: the answer was not necessarily, but certainly the BOS had seen improvements in the way people look after their teeth and that would logically translate into long-term health gains.

This interview is available on the BBC website until March 20th 2017 at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08ffghy
Source BBC iPlayer : BBC Radio 5 Live Sunday Breakfast Show, presented by Sam Walker and Chris Warburton : Sunday, 19th February 2017 at 8.40 am


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