The integrated orthodontic solution

Combi: The Integrated Orthodontic Solution

There are many options to achieve the ultimate result. Where some patients may prefer to adopt the faster and usually more accurate fixed bracket treatment, others may prefer the cosmetic advantages of clear aligners. If you feel that your patient would benefit from bonded brackets using our Swift treatment, but they are unwilling to tolerate the often-perceived unaesthetic aspect, why not suggest CThru Combi?

Combi offers a complete integrated digital solution with the flexibility and compromise of using a combination of both clear aligners and bonded brackets.

The mandibular teeth can often be the bigger source of crowding and malocclusion, so brackets are placed to correct this in the most efficient way possible.

The maxillary teeth are usually the patient’s main concern.

A smiley patient is a happy patient!

C-Thru clear aligners are used to correct simpler misalignments and malocclusions whilst creating and flaunting the patient’s ‘perfect smile’.

Our Combi system uses the best of both treatments, with the innate digital accuracy that ArchformByte prides itself on.

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