Clear aligners for the confidence to smile

C-Thru: The Easy Way To A Perfect Smile

Tell your clinician how you would like to improve your smile with C-Thru Clear Aligners.

You should be proud of your teeth and confident to smile: A winning smile is the key to confidence, happiness and success.

C-Thru Clear Aligners are virtually invisible, are made from lightweight plastic, and are easy to wear. People will hardly know that you’re wearing them. And neither will you.

What’s more, they can be fitted by your dentist in short, easy and pain free visits, leaving you to get on with looking and feeling great.

The C-Thru Clear Aligners only need to be removed for eating, brushing and flossing and can be worn with minimum discomfort at all other times.

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Begin your journey today: Ask your dental clinician for a C-Thru Assessment.

From the assessment your clinician will be able to tell you approximately how long your treatment will take (the average is between 6-12 months) depending on the degree of tooth movement required and therefore the number of positioner stages.

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