3D Digital Scanning for NHS BSA Orthodontic Clinical Monitoring

Take the pain out of the NHS Business Services Authority audit

As part of our digital  3D scanning services we provide a prompt and efficient way for you to comply with the NHS Business Services Authority's requirement to assess 5 completed cases per practitioner on a rolling 3 year basis.


Simply send us your:

  • pre- and post- study models
  • orthodontic case assessment form
  • all relevant radiographs
  • intra-oral photographs
  • the FP17 DCO form
  • completed scanning order form (you can download the scanning form here or call us on 0114 243 5400 and we will mail you one.)


We will then:

  • 3D scan the models
  • Scan the radiographs, intra-oral photographs and FP17 DCO form
  • Provide you with:
  • Encrypted files of the digitally scanned 3D models, radiographs, intra-oral photographs and FP17 DCO form by post on two password protected discs: one for your records and one for the NHS BSA
  • Your returned plaster models(optional)*

*Once you have your digital record the plaster models are redundant. We charge £30 for this service to cover the postage and insurance costs. If you choose not to have your plaster models returned, we will dispose of them appropriately and print a 3D model of any case should you need it in the future. Please specify on your order form whether you require the models returning.



Express Service:  £195.00
Receive your scans within 5 working days of our receipt of your models.

Standard Service: £150.00
Receive your scans within 10 working days of our receipt of your models.


Should you require more information on this service, please speak to one of our qualified technicians on 0114 243 5400 or email lab@archformbyte.com.


What our clients say:

“I was panicking when I got my NHS BSA audit request through but the 3D digital scanning service from ArchformByte made complying really easy. Everything I needed was returned promptly and professionally, with all the stress taken out. I’d highly recommend this service to anyone approaching their audit deadline!”

Jonathan, Clinic Manager, Bury St Edmunds

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