Course 6 Practical TMJ Therapy

Venue: Sofitel Heathrow
CPD Hours: 24

Diagnosis and Treatment of TMD Patients
Presented by Dr. JW Skip Truitt BS, DDS
A definitive course dedicated to a simple and practical approach to TMJ therapy.

This seminar will cover:

  • Review the anatomy of the head, neck and TMJ
  • Diagnosis of internal and external derangements
  • Classification of derangements
  • Splint construction and adjustment
  • TMJ medications and nutrition
  • Physical therapy — in office and at home
  • Long term retention.
  • Stabilization and finishing of the TMJ:
    • Orthodontics including the ALF
    • Re-treatment of TMD previous orthodontic cases
    • Reconstruction and Adult Twin Block Therapy
    • Equilibration

“The course was hard work but extremely practical. Skip has a way of compartmentalizing things which make it easier to understand. Anyone interested in TMD who wants a comprehensive oversight of how to diagnose and treat these often difficult patients will find the course more than helpful. I really enjoyed it. What a great way to spend a weekend!” –– Philip J E Lang LDS, RCS (England), MGDS, RCS (England)

“Dr Truitt’s new classification system for TMD greatly simplifies my diagnosis and treatment procedures. Once again a clear concise and comprehensive explanation and description of a complex clinical subject. Highly informative and instructive.” –– Dr James Lewis MO (USA)

Practical TMD Therapy

Truitt Classification of Internal Derangements

Self Reducing

Non Reducing


Pivotal Splint

Mandibular Repositioning Only

Synarthritic Joint

Mandibular Repositioning with Splint


Type II

Grade I

Type III

Grade II

Dr. Skip Truitt, CFOO Founder and Principal – Instructor

Dr J Wellington Truitt

Dr J Wellington "Skip" Truitt received his BS degree from Texas Christian University, his DDS degree from Baylor University and has taught over 100,000 doctors world wide. He has also co-authored four text books and published numerous papers worldwide on the subjects of Maxillofacial Orthopedics, Orthodontics, and TMD Therapy.

"My goal is to teach the latest information in a concise, easy to understand manner to expand your practice financially and professionally."

Venue: Sofitel Heathrow
CPD Hours: 24

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