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Indirect Bonded Brackets

Why Choose Swift IDB?

The unique features of QuickSmile Swift make it the obvious choice:

  • Unparalleled bracket placement accuracy
  • Treatment time reduced
  • Complete clinical control
  • Cost effective
  • Flexibility – your choice of brackets

Send us your patients impression scans using our online prescription form, or post your casts to us using the EasiSmile prescription sheet (or your own prescription sheet) and we will:

  1. Digitally scan the models or impressions to create a 3D image (if you haven't sent us your own scans files)
  2. Create your bespoke EasiSmile-Swift analysis for the patient
  3. Arrange a mutually convenient time for a ‘person to person’ web based conference for you to assess and to receive your analysis approval
  4. Create the EasiSmile-Swift trays preloaded with the brackets and supplied with sequential archwires.
  5. Dispatch the patient’s EasiSmile-Swift trays to your practice



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